About the Writer

Hi there!

My name’s Thomas Mueller and you’ve found my website all about holidaying in the North East of England. 

So what’s all this about then?

After spending years working in London, I made the decision to take an early retirement and find piece of the country where I could retire to in peace. Think you're into winning contests? Navigate to the online casino games There is a best offer you for you! After spending half a year traipsing around the country I spent a weekend in the fantastic Bardon Mill Coach House and fell in love with the area! I decided to use Bardon Mill Coach House as my website name as it’s perfectly situated for anyone who wants to visit the area. The very best provide to get gamblers free spins no deposit. Are available on. Elevated possibility of succeeding!

What will be on this site?

I loved this area so much that I decided to move to Bardon Mill and have devoted much of my time since to walking around the area, visiting pubs and restaurants, and generally treating myself.

This website is what remains of my ‘work’, it’s a place where I can share my experiences and give potential visitors an idea of what it’s like. There’s so much to see and do here that you could write a whole book on it – but as I’ve got a rather short attention span I thought I’d just stick to a blog that I can update sporadically!

How long have you lived in the area for?

I came to live in Bardon Mill 5 years ago and have enjoyed every moment of it. Not only is this village a truly great example of British culture but its also within easy driving distance of some beautiful landscapes.

To the North we have Kielder Forest Park, to the South we have North Pennines and just beyond that there’s the Lake District. In short, I’m absolutely spoilt for choice here in Bardon Mill and am so excited to introduce newcomers to this wonderful corner of England!

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