Summertime Fun in the Pennines

Have you thought of trying one of these activities out?

Most folks come to the Pennines to simply gaze at the landscape which is completely understandable when you consider how beautiful it is, but I’d be remiss in not mentioning the wide array of activities that you can get up to whilst you’re here. Do you think you're within doing offers? See a australian online casino games You will find the very best give for you personally!

If you’re thinking of visiting the Pennines soon then take a look at what else you could get up to first, so that you can share an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime:

Taking a Birdwalk

I love a good hike, but I know full well that they’re not always to everyone’s taste, especially children. Birdwalks are great work-arounds for these problem people and there are plenty of great trails to take advantage of whilst you’re in the Pennines. There are a few rules you need to follow in order to undertake a birdwalk responsibly which you can read in full here. The general gist is that you must remember to respect the environment around you, do not disturb the birds or their nests and make sure to keep dogs (and children!) on a short leash. The most effective offer you intended for gamblers slots no deposit. Arrive on. Improved prospect of successful!

Visit the Killhope Museum

Don’t let the rather macabre name put you off, Killhope is an award-winning museum that lays out the history of mining in a truly fascinating way. Visitors of all ages can enjoy what’s on offer here, a practical hands-on museum that embraces the physical landscape and takes you deep into the bowels of the Pennines themselves! A working waterwheel and historical mine are just a couple of the authentic attractions that are on offer at Killhope, a surefire win for kids and history buffs alike.

Discover Eggleston Hall Gardens

Eggleston Hall Gardens is one of those rare places that has risen from obscurity thanks to a small network of devoted individuals from the local area. Literally hundreds of plants are on display here at these historic gardens which have been the home of plant life since the 16th Century. Just a quick glance at their informative ‘About‘ section on their website shows you how much the owners care about the heritage of this lovely place – definitely worth a visit for anyone with green fingers.

Get splashed at High Force

Kids and older folks alike will all be able to marvel at High Force waterfall, England’s biggest waterfall. At a staggering 70 feet high, it’s truly a sight to behold and the woodland walk that leads up to it is always a sure-fire winner for the younger ones. There’s nothing like seeing the amazement and surprise on someone’s face when they see High Force for the first time, try and keep it a secret to get the maximum impact!

Learn how to survive in the wild

Whilst camping might not be to everyone’s taste you might find that a day learning bushcraft could change all of that. There are a handful of companies and individuals who hold bushcraft workshops in and around the Pennines, although I’d say Wild North Discovery are perhaps the most flexible company to deal with. They can take you and a group through everything from basic bushcraft (shelter construction and fire building) to weaving willow baskets, or even your very own Hunger Games experience!

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